With experience working On-Site and Remote.

ECUADORIAN  |  SCAD Alumni | Independent Contractor since 2011 - Present | Co-Founder & Creative Director at Vexquisit Studio (UG) since 2018 - Present.

Restless Creative + Art Director and Animator

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Joined the Motion Design industry in 2009. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design in 2010. Started working with direct clients that year, before moving to Savannah, GA in 2011 to enroll Graduate School at the Motion Media Design Departement at SCAD.  Where I graduated with honors in 2013.

Besides working with direct clients. I've collaborated at a variety of studios - through each city I've lived in and as well remotely. North Carolina: Limerick Studios. NYC: 1st Ave Machine · The Mill · Click 3X · Roark · EGR International · The Color Theory. Düsseldorf: Congaz · trivago Gmbh. Berlin: LAVAlabs · VOLSTOK · Storz & Escherich · BBDO Germany · Congaz Berlin · Pirates 'N Paradise Film & Video Postproduction · MovieBrats Pictures · Optix Productions · Parasol Island. 

Some of the clients for who I've done work for:

· Hoegaarden
· Trilux
· Ferchau

· Wacom
· Cadillac
· Qualcom Uplinq
· Volkswagen

· Vodafone
· 1&1
· Mexico Zoo Festival

· trivago
· Charter

· DirectTV
· Comcast
· Skype


Project Management

 Creative Art Direction

2D Animation & Compositing

The journey of experiencing life in different cities has allowed me to grow within the broad creative industry and make many friends along the way! So if you get in touch and I am not available, I will be able to send you some of my friends your way 🙂

In order to solve creative challenges while making sure we are having a happy customer, I pursue to have as much communication as possible within the teams I work with.

Something else

I can provide my services in 3 languages: English, German & Spanish.
While I used to speak fluent Italian, at this point I am only a happy Italian music listener! 

And in my free time? hmn I don't really have free time anymore! Starting Vexquisit is taking most of my free time. It is the most challenging and fun adventure I've taken in a long time. Well, I do try to have free time here and there where I love learning or trying all kind of vegan delicious recipes - so if you have any favorite, just send it over 😉

& my two babies, Adonis & Anabel.

For inquiries on work, don't hesitate to contact me!

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